Caitlin levin was raised in northern california. At a young age she began to travel the far reaches of the earth. Seeing and experiencing cultures of the world first hand as she ran barefoot through rice paddies, swam in salty waters, and indulged in new cuisines. Ripe with inspiration, caitlin honed her taste for food, beautiful things and design, all of which would become her focus and passion.

Caitlin went on to get her degree in world arts and cultures from ucla, and studied in florence italy, which only fueled her interests. After graduating she moved to new york to pursue a career in fashion, working for the likes of abercrombie, proenza schouler, halston, and many more. After many years of working in front of the camera she never lost sight of her true love for food and style.

Now working behind the scenes, she works as a chef/stylist, and has also begun to create her own brand of lifestyle entertainment. Most recently she has worked as the chef on simon fuller's (creator of american idol) show "if i can dream", as well as the demi moore produced show "the conversation."